Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Seeds (or the Power of Creation)

About two months ago I sat down at a cafe and a wrote a short script for my class to perform. It took me about 2 hours to write. Perhaps it was a bit ambitious for a group of hyperactive 3rd graders, but I moved forward with it anyway. We worked on it everyday for about a month or so, and last weekend I got to watch it from the audience in a large banquet hall at a hotel. Something I created from scratch, out of my imagination, came to life before my eyes. Much like how the intentions I set forth back in October 2013 came to life before my eyes throughout 2016.

In both instances, I had a vision, I gave it direction without being too ridged, and watched as it took on a life of its own and came into being. Like planting a seed and giving it space to grow. Or like the concept of sankalpa in many ancient Hindu texts. I had the intention to move toward, to resolve, to create something--and I did.

Several weeks ago, still at a loss on what direction I wanted this year to go in (not because I didn't have any ideas, but because I had too many) I began to ask for signs and guidance. How can I express in words the connections and conversations that have unfolded over the past couple weeks? How can I express in words the power of sitting still, clearing your mind, and asking for guidance? How can I express in words how much I don't believe in coincidences? Simply, I can't. It's something you need to experience yourself.

Though it's as simple as stumbling across a youtube video and having multiple lives altered by it two years later. It's as simple as a being introduced to a very special crystal and a children's book, and years later on the other side of the world have that crystal and book ignite a string of wild conversations and memories that only reinforce the idea that there are absolutely no coincidences. It's as simple as taking chances and ending up in places and situations where you meet people that open magic doors that would have otherwise remained unseen. The spider webs are invisible, but they are there.

Erica and I sat in front of my apartment building waiting on her shuttle to Bangkok, talking about all the amazing things that came about because we were brought together here in Chiang Mai.

"It's kind of exciting not knowing when and where our paths will cross again" I said.

Erica looked up and nodded. "You know you've come along way when you can talk about the unknown as exciting instead of something to fear."

I have no idea how this year will unfold. But as long as I plant seeds and allow room for growth I know something amazing will manifest.

Have you ever had an idea or vision that came to life before your eyes? What helped bring it to life? What is your sankulpa or intention for 2017? Tell me your stories, tell me your visions!


Kate Evans said...

Thank you for the reminder to ask for guidance. And ahhh...yes...the sparkles of serendipity that flow from that asking, that trust, are the universe's bling! Being excited about, instead of afraid of, the fertile void is a beautiful thing...and an ongoing journey. ox

Sarah Seymour said...

Indeed! "...the sparkles of serendiptiy that flow from that asking, that trust..." I love this! Thank you :D