Wednesday, January 4, 2017

One Year Gone

One year ago today (on January 4th, 2016), I boarded a plane at SFO with a one way ticket to India, and I'm still moving forward on this nomadic path. I ended this epic year and started this new one here in Pai, Thailand--a small, mountain village 3 hours north of Chiang Mai near the border of Myanmar.

I came here to clear my mind of city life, reflect on 2016, and set intention for 2017. On New Year's Eve, I walked down to the Pai River and watched as fireworks exploded all around me and lanterns were set off into the night sky--releasing the old to make room for the new--much like Loy Krathong back in November.  As I took in my surroundings, a few things about 2016 became clear to me:

1. This year was not a vacation from life. This year was all about creating a new kind of life--a curiosity driven life that I'm excited about living. I set off on this journey with questions and intention and goals, and I watched in awe as each of them manifested.

This year, I've lived ashram life, beach bum life, mountain life, island life, and city life across 6 countries and over a dozen cities and villages. I have experienced so much I can't even begin to recount it all, but when I close my eyes, I see each moment so clearly. It's as though each moment never really ended--much like the event horizon effect I wrote about back in India.

And let's not forget about all the amazing, incredible souls whose paths crossed with mine along the way. They have each helped make this year what it was--magical.

2. When you leap into the unknown--unless you fall through a hole in space/time--you will land somewhere, and when you do, it's all about your reaction to where you land that will make it what it is.

I had no major expectations for this year except to keep an open mind and allow it to unfold. And that is where I found magic, that is where I found the secret to allowing miracles to surface.

I am incredibly grateful for this year and all the ones that came before to make this one possible. I'm looking forward to what 2017 has in store. Much like 2016, I have questions and intentions and goals--more places to explore, more curiosities to follow. And as long as I keep my heart and mind open to the magic around me, miracles will follow. And I look forward to sharing it all with you as it unfolds.

How did you close your 2016? How did you open your 2017? What are your intentions and goals? What questions would you like answered? What curiosities would you like to follow? 


luis_v_silva said...

It was really an amazing yeah, looking forward to 2017. May you be in peace in this new year. Much Love Luis

Sarah Seymour said...

Here's to 2017 being just as epic as 2016! I must say, 2016 will be hard to beat :)

Jennifer Walters said...

2016 was similar for me, only I did much introspective and internal traveling (a "psychonaut" as Robert Thurman calls it.) Not a vacation from life, but tilling soil to plant the seeds of a new life. You're being the nomad hunter, I'm being the stationary farmer. Ha! We switched places.

May 2017 be the fertile space for both of us to sprout and grow and create and thrive in surprising ways. <3

Sarah Seymour said...

Yes! I love it :D