Mini Bio

Writer, reader, blogger, traveler, yogi, storyteller. I've lived dozens of lives in this one lifetime, but these identities have permeated each one.

I think of my life as one big journey. I've lived in Ohio, Wyoming, Montana, and California as well as out of my car everywhere in-between. I've traveled from the arctic circle via Alaska to the villages of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, from the city streets of Bogota to the tropical Colombian jungle coast of Tayrona. I've watched the sunrise over a moonscape volcano on Maui, and zip-lined through the Dominican Republic jungle. I've had a tarot reading in the high desert vortex of Sedona, Arizona, and while living in Montana, I accidentally ended up on (and survived) a black diamond run the 3rd time I ever snowboarded. I lived in a sleepy little California beach town for 12 years where I tended bar at a music venue, photographed tourists at a seaside amusement park, and managed a rustic little day spa (think Spirited Away). Ad infinitum. Some snapshots of my life. You get the idea.

How did my life come to be so meandering?

I was born under an auspicious star, a Vedic astrologer once told me.

Or maybe I'm simply here to follow my curiosity, have experiences and collect stories, to meet my teachers and teach those who cross my path.

Amidst all these different lives and moving about, I somehow also managed to find time to earn a BA in Psychology (Ohio U), an MFA in Creative Writing (San Jose State U), and become a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor (Berkeley, CA). Even though I haven't technically used any of these degrees in any practical way, they have come in handy in getting me through life. I don't think I could have made it this far without them.

And as I set off on another adventure, another life, this blog is here to document my stories as I travel throughout India, Nepal, and Southeast Asia--following my curiosity, taking leaps of faith, and chasing fireflies and miracles.


arthur barney said...

Sarah.....finally found time to sit down and find your blog....will have more time later to send you some links....flew into chiang mai as you know....4 days there and now in chiang rai.....took a minivan tour to here and had a must see stop at the 'white temple'.....I would highly recommend it if you haven't had a chance to visit it yet.....flying to koh samui on sunday ....will stay 2 days there and then back to koh phangan and thong sala for about 10 days and back to bkk for a few days before flying back

arthur barney said...

ran out of space but want to say I admire your writing skills and well as your sense of adventure....looking forward to reading all of your past posts

Sarah Seymour said...

Thank you! I miss Koh Phangan already. I'm looking forward to getting back there at some point!